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I’m Clint Koble, and I’m running for
Congress to represent You,
The People, fighting for the well-being and equality of each and everyone in this country no matter your belief, origin, gender,
sexual orientation, or ideology.
Let’s Build this movement together.
— Clint Koble

Clint Koble Launches Campaign

It's time to roll up our sleeves, work together and replace insults with ideas. Nevadans deserve a representative who is fearless and unapologetic for the values of Nevada families. He understands the challenges within the urban structure of Washoe County and Carson City along with the many challenges faced in the 11 counties that make the Nevada's Second Congressional District diverse and strong.  

From humble beginnings raised on a small farm and educated in a two-room country school in North Dakota, to politically appointed USDA State Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency to Rural Small Business Adviser for over 100 businesses across Northern Nevada, Clint is building a movement in his campaign of restoring trust in our government, building bridges in our communities, and sowing the pathways to a prosperous future for Nevadans.  

Pitch in for Clint

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